What is CMNM Gay Porn

The clothes make the man, or so it has often been said. Whatever one wears seems to have a large part in determining their success in a given arena. It's hard to imagine a criminal defense attorney getting far without a decent suit or a high school teacher making it through a day wearing a dated novelty t-shirt. The clothes, I repeat, make the man. But what if the clothes made the man actually do something, not just be? What if a man standing fully dressed was found to be far more attractive than a man standing naked. Both are accessible and both are sexual beings, but one has mystery. HDPride digs deep into all kinds of porno niches and outlier interests but there's one so curious and surprising you may not have felt its charms. Clothed Male Naked Male or CMNM content pairs one guy, naked as the day of his birth, with another, fully dressed except for a few choice openings, and lets them explore and enjoy a variety of sexual situations all captured in stunning High Definition videos. HDPride isn't usually concerned with couture, that's for sure, but this niche offers some very fun dressing up and through clothes fondling before zippers are opened, buttons undone, and some skin (just a little, just enough) is shown. CMNM porn is a distinct and separate niche interest to much of the rest of the gay porn world, but it's attractive, enticing style and raunchy reality-based scenarios make it a steamy way to explore a different kink. At HDPride, we present High Definition CMNM videos that see guys in three-piece suits, industrial work wear, casual lounging clothes, pajamas, and evens school uniforms manage to sneak a little sexy gay action with a hot cocked lover. The CMNM gay porn world may not be the largest or best established but it does offer a gentle entry point to reality-based sex that flirts with being caught or discovered and deals with societal restraints and restrictions in their most elementary form. Without clothes, you'd better be in private. With half of one couple being fully dressed, though, CMNM gay couplings can move between private and public worlds with a little more fluidity. A stock trader type with slick hair and a clean-shaven face keeps his tie straight while downing the dick of his butt naked boyfriend, jumping back up to deal with the real world as it stops by to sneak a peek. The awesome HDPride CMNM video archive offers up all kinds of nattily dressed men and the nude guys they're paired with. On occasion you'll see more than one fully dressed hunk bulging in his pants at the prospect of being next dick off the rank at an office party orgy, or sneaking a quick blowie at the bus stop as his pals look on. HDPride's commitment to this growing niche gay porn interest proves that this epic tube bonanza doesn't judge. Instead of insisting all guys get naked and show off their stunning sex-god physiques in their rawest form, we celebrate those boys who keep their shorts on (and their shirts, socks, and shoes too) while sucking dick as well as those whose dicks poke out from behind their trouser wall, greet the lips of their hungry gay lover, and inject a warm milky load right onto their naked masculine form. HDPride's epic High Definition streams offer high quality viewing, a strong range of styles and scenarios, ribald and raunchy gay hardcore sex, and more threadbare boner slingers than you'd ever expect non-nude porn to hold. For CMNM porn of the highest caliber, think HDPride.